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Slats of teak Greenteak

For your teak decks arrived GREENTEAK® a reconstructed natural teak, obtained through a complex and sophisticated technology.
The thin sheets of teak are pasted one next to the other until you get a block of wood and glue that will be worked in order to derive teak staves in different sizes according to customer requirements.
Greenteak® is NOT a synthetic material but it is an innovative product that can effectively combine quality, aesthetics and respect for the environment.

Composed of 100% teak, is the only product that retains all of the physical and mechanical properties of the solid in overcoming aesthetics.
In addition, Greenteak® enjoys all the certificates of origin and eco-sustainability, in accordance with FSC standards.
The staves of Greenteak® are perfect for building bridges and deckings for the pleasure boats and for external paving in general.
Why to choose Greenteak®?
It is a man-made product, so it can be made in sizes and thicknesses requested by the customer and provided continuously in the desired format.
In addition, the selection of teak wood and workmanship allow you to get planks from the aesthetic characteristics superior to conventional solid wood.
In fact, the staves Greenteak® have a more uniform color and striped grain straight and smooth, without knots and defects, also there are no compatibility problems in the case of lots of different materials, as often happens in the natural logs of teak which, but just of a little, are different  always one from each' other.

These characteristics of continuity in terms of size and appearance allow the possible replacement of one or more pieces in a simple and fast way.
Greenteak® is distinguished by:
• FSC certification;
• uniform color and striped grain  straight;
• possibility of obtaining fixed dimensions;
• ensuring continuity of supply;
• easy replacement of one or more pieces;
• dimensional stability;
• greater resistance to wear and therefore longer life.


The available size are as follows:  10 x 50 x 4000 mm

€/sqm: 160,00 + vat



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